Sunday, May 4, 2014

Taking the Leap of Faith

Friday, May 2, was such an emotional day, saying "see you later" to so many family and friends. That day I left Fort Wayne, IN with my father and journeyed to Valparaiso, IN to stay the night with my brother, Matt, and his fiance, Carly. Carly drove me to Chicago Midway early the following morning.

I was so nervous most of the trip, for I had never been to an airport without someone I already knew. I was to fly from Chicago to the Twin Cities, then on to Denver. From there, I was to quickly pick up my luggage and catch a taxi so I could get to the Greyhound station in time. My mind was racing thinking about all of this, and worrying that plans would change.

I cried on the plane for everyone that I was leaving behind, until I surrendered and completely felt Spirit's presence. I received the inner confirmation that everything would be fine. Through the journey everything went wonderfully and smoothly. I saw beautiful sights, met amazing people, and slowly let go of any feelings of anxiety.

Downtown Denver, from the taxi!

In Denver several people helped me to navigate over to the baggage claim. Then one of the airport employees personally led me outside to meet a cab driver who could take me to the Greyhound station. I was worried about making it there in time. But I arrived early enough to check in and to call Daniel via his parents' phone. Any trace of anxiety completely melted away when I heard Daniel's voice on the other line, assuring me that he, his father, and Brandon would meet me in Grand Junction in five hours.

A drawing completed with Arizona.
Upon boarding the bus, there were no empty seats! A kind-hearted father offered to hold his 4-year-old daughter, Arizona, on his lap, so that I would have a place to sit comfortably for the next few hours. I pulled out my sketchbook there at the station and started to draw. Arizona was fascinated, and soon she was sitting on my lap, drawing with me. We ended up creating this piece together, which now belongs with her.

As the bus trip ensued, I chose to not pay attention to the time. I just talked with Arizona, her father, and the other passengers while looking out the window at the mountains and desert. The father, who lives in Colorado and is familiar with the area, gave me a tour of the area.

This is the last picture I took before arriving in Grand Junction, CO. As the bus pulled in and parked, I could see Daniel and Brandon sitting in the lobby, patiently waiting. What a relief! All the passengers filed out, then waited in line for their luggage. I turned to look once more at the bus station, and I saw Daniel, his father, and Brandon standing outside. They waved and smiled very authentically and I knew that I was in the right place with the right people.

Once I retrieved my pack, we drove to Fruita, CO, where Daniel's parents live. His mother and brother greeted me there with warm, genuine smiles, and I met their adorable furry companion, Molly. From the start I've felt nothing but pure love around all of them, and I'm trusting that things will continue to unfold beautifully.

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  1. Hi.... really like your pictures.
    I like the way you communicate freedom and happiness in every captured moment....