Monday, May 12, 2014

Journey to Boulder, CO

In the morning Ken and Cullen picked us up. Cullen brought me and Brandon one of his amazing concoctions - the best chai tea I've ever had, hands down. We said goodbye to Daniel's family and began the journey to Boulder.

Cullen and Ken.
Brandon and Emily.

Eventually we were asking each other, "Where did Daniel go?" He had disappeared behind the gas station. Soon he came back from the dumpster with some scrumptious pizza, tornados, and hot dogs!

Stuck in a traffic jam for awhile, we dug out some more food and tailgated. Why not? During this time the "Antique Archaelogy" truck from American Pickers passed by, heading in the other direction. I didn't get a picture though.

House fire.

Starting to get into some snow!

Aspen at a visitor's center.

And....we're in Boulder!

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