Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A Celebration of Love

On May 17th, we took off for Fruita, CO to be at the celebration of Daniel's parents' 65th wedding anniversary (66 years total together). Daniel, Brandon, and I walked across Moab and out of town to hitchhike. Just before reaching the city limits, we received a delightful treat of mulberries from a bush growing along the road. We then walked a little farther until we arrived at the edge of town. Then we put down our bags and waited for someone to offer a ride. Eventually we decided to split into groups (less intimidating for the driver), and Daniel walked farther to hitch elsewhere. Brandon and I took turns holding the sign, and within about a half hour, a friendly man in a truck pulled over for us. It was quite a fun adventure! We rode along, listening to Gipsy Kings the whole way. The driver also gave us free chips and a clementine to snack on. I took naps a couple of times. Soon, I awoke and we were entering Fruita. He dropped us off as Daniel's family was just sitting down to dinner. We ate with them and awaited Daniel's arrival. We all ended up making it safely.

The following day, May 18th, family members from all over Colorado arrived for the celebration.

Richard and Laurel, then and now. Still just as beautiful, youthful and full of love as the day that they married, 65 years ago. What a delightful and inspirational couple.

One of the two delicious cakes that Vicky made for the occasion.

Daniel and Brandon prepared Mexican food for us.

Left to right:  Cassie, Vicky, and Sabria.

Kyle, Sabria, and Laurel (great-grandmother).
Sabria being quite the helper and passing out plates.
Doug singing while his mom plays the piano.

The rest of the family left after the celebration, while Doug stayed for a few more days.

Daniel playing guitar for us the following morning.
We all took lots of siestas all day.
Brandon composing music.

While talking on the phone and catching up with people, I left Daniel a little present! The top of his hat was originally all covered, but the wind didn't want it to be so.

It's been such a beautiful stay with Daniel's family these past few days. It's rare to see a couple, such as Laurel and Richard, who continue to love each other in such a youthful way. May they have many more happy years together. Blessings and love to them and their beautiful family.

**A huge thank you to Ron, for sharing his pictures!**


  1. hay layla here just wanted to tell you I TOTALLY LIKE LOVE the pics!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks Layla! Hugs and Love to you and Michele!