Saturday, May 31, 2014

Idolatry and Relaxation in Moab

On Sunday, after a fun-filled week in Fruita with the Shellabargers and friends, 
we packed into Cullen's van and returned to Moab.

We arrived at Pete's house and snacked on some food from the dumpster. Then Daniel left for the radio station 2 hours early to prepare for the radio show, while we all laid around, talking with Phil, playing with their dog, Cara, and napping. Then Cullen drove us to KZMU to sit in on the show. 

Brandon, Heather, Chelsea, Cullen, and Freebird.

When we arrived, we found Daniel talking to some people that Freebird had met in the canyon. They talked for 2 whole hours! It wasn't the kind of preparation that he had in mind, but I believe that this led to one of the most-inspired starts I've heard on his show. All because it came from the heart. 

And so the show began... "God is real. All else is illusion."

That night, Daniel focused on the theme of "idolatry."

Daniel broke this "rule" during one other show and was scolded!

That night we heard another amazing show as usual!

We went back to our camp near town around midnight, and then I was awoken at sunrise the following morning. I was dreaming that Aaron (a friend from Fort Wayne) and I were talking about the third eye, and then I started feeling a strong sensation in mine. Next, I heard a very obnoxious, squawking bird call, sounding like it was coming through my third eye. It repeated itself over and over, and then I realized that there was a magpie directly over my tent. I sleepily mumbled, "Shut up...shut up..." to no avail. Finally, I said to myself, "Well I guess I have to pee anyway," and, opening up the tent flap, I saw this.... God clearly wanted me to experience this!

The rains had come through during the night. Everything was wet. The clouds were clearing away, exposing parts of the cliffs. The sunlight brilliantly shone on the rocks to the south, in so many breathtaking hues.

Clouds to the northeast.

Little sunspots making an appearance to the southwest.

Once the vibrant colors of the sunset faded, I made my way back down to camp. I talked on the phone with my parents, who told me that it was Memorial Day. A "day" or any sense of time for that matter is a funny concept. Outside of society I no longer need to keep track of time. I keep forgetting what day it is, for it really doesn't matter.

Seeing that everyone else was still asleep under their tarps, I walked some more...

A bone I came across on top of the hill, which now sits outside of my tent.

Cullen came over soon, and as still no one else was awake, we went for yet another walk. We sat up on the hill, overlooking the cliffs, and enjoying each other's company for awhile. Then we returned to the camp to have breakfast with everyone.

After breakfast, everyone is laying down again!

Cullen's balanced hard-boiled egg.
Eventually we got up and headed into town. Brandon and I walked ahead to the library, again forgetting that it was Memorial Day and that the library was closed. Here's a few pretty sights along the way...

One of the four deer that are often around camp. All of them were resting silently in the shade, as the noisy tourists drove by.

Catalpas have been blooming all over town.

While we waited on Daniel and Cullen to arrive, we sat in the shade of a beautiful tree beside the library. They were off somewhere shooting more footage for the documentary.

Along the way, we had stopped at the Wabi Sabi (a local thrift store) dumpster and had picked up so many interesting finds. Three cameras (one digital with a 2 GB memory card that still had battery power), several pieces of jewelry, an unopened bulk bag of M&M's, and lots more. I had lost the back to one of my earrings, so these hummingbirds were a welcome replacement.

Cullen and Daniel caught up with us and looked through all of the findings.

Daniel's stigmata of mulberry juice.

This charm was gifted to Daniel Suelo, a most appropriate gift for the moneyless man!

 ....And we're laying down again!

 Daniel pulled out his radio. We got a kick out of listening to Shania Twain singing, "I Feel Like a Woman."

Playing with Cullen's "dead cat."

The nearby gardens.

 Next we wandered over to a community orchard to snack on some delectable cherries.

 Then we had some fun at the playground.

The dogs next door didn't know what to think of us.

And we're lying down again...

 We walked back to Wabi Sabi for another check of their dumpster, and found more. We got Freebird something that we knew was perfect for him, a picture of which will be later on in this post.

A portion of one of Wabi's mosaics.
Then it was onward, south toward the other Wabi Sabi, 
to rummage through Frito Lay's chips dumpster.

 Finding no chips, we had to cheer up Daniel and assure him that life is still worth living. 
We did find an empty Culligan bottle that makes a perfect drum. Brandon delighted us 
with his music as we walked back to Pete's house for some dinner.

Chelsea and Cara. We hung out with them all night at Pete's house.

Freebird's present, a towel that expands when you place it in water. He has lived in Hawaii for many years and has swum frequently with dolphins. He has many interesting stories about this.

We went out to the driveway for a jam session until it got dark.

Cullen played for us many songs that he wrote. He's phenomenal!

Daniel's mulberry feet.

Chelsea brought out her banjo. Daniel gave it a shot...

 ...and Cullen told Daniel to stop playing out of tune.

They kept playing on into the night. I walked back to camp a bit earlier, ready to turn in for the night. It's been quite a mix of adventure and relaxation these past few days!

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