Monday, May 12, 2014

Beautiful Boulder, CO

We arrived in Boulder the night before Daniel was to give a commencement speech at Colorado University Boulder. Paul, a professor and the Humanities department chair, had invited Daniel to give the talk, and he welcomed our group of seven into his home. He, his wife Bridget, their three children, and a friend of theirs hospitably and generously welcomed us.

Ken and Emily.
Brandon and Bridget.
Paul, Daniel, and Stevie.

Matt, as well as the sons and daughter of the household, 
worked tirelessly to cook a phenomenal dinner for us.

Peter preparing goulash.

Either Simba or Thor - both cats look so much alike!
A goldfish pond in the backyard.

Time for dinner!

Hilary and Paul, daughter and father.

The area of Boulder that we stayed in is called Gunbarrel. We passed this medical center as well as Gunbarrel Veterinary Clinic and Gunbarrel Grooming Salon. Trustworthy places of business?

Brandon and Emily tuck in their plaid shirts like the cool people do.

A huge thank you to Paul and his family for inviting Daniel to give the speech (picures of that occasion will be on the next post) and for providing more than basic necessities for our large group. They truly are a wonderful family who really care, and they sure knew how to make us feel welcome in Boulder. We appreciate all the hospitality they've shown and the chance to get to know all of them a little more!

On our last day there, we said "see you later" to Emily and Stevie. It has definitely been a blessing to meet them and to share adventures with them for the past several days, ever since meeting at Rotary Park in Moab. It's amazing how things are brought together. Well for them, it's on to Taos, New Mexico. I wish them well, wherever they may go.

Parting ways with everyone, we returned to Fruita.

As we drove along, Daniel pulled out a radio and blared Ke$ha's "Don't Stop," instigating a dance party in the back seat, to Cullen's dismay. There's never a dull moment with these friends!

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