Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Back to Moab

After Daniel's family so kindly opened their home to us yet again in Fruita, his parents insisted on driving us back to Moab on Sunday. It was fun to share in the journey with them.

Molly and Laurel comfortably enjoying the ride.

Daniel told me that the green layer is where dinosaur fossils are prevalent.

 Waterfalls appeared all over due to so much rainfall. Freebird told us later that up-canyon, there were massive, chocolate waterfalls everywhere, some as wide as the arm span, falling 300 feet! Several boulders fell down too, creating thunder-like sounds that echoed all over the canyon.

Yucca outside of Pete's house.

As typical, we were dropped off at Pete's place upon returning to town.
Molly got out to stretch her legs before heading back to Fruita.

 Pete woke up from a nap and made some enchiladas for us. Meanwhile,
Daniel and I harvested honey locust seeds to cook another time.

Honey locust branches.

The seed pods, perfect for harvest after the winter.

We returned to "WT Camp" that night with tons of food, thanks to Pete. 
The next morning, I woke up early, went on a stroll, and took a bunch of pictures...

Deer tracks outside. The next day we saw a group of four deer in the area.

Soon, we went into town to go to the library. After several hours of using the computer, Brandon found me. Daniel had gone to Pete's, and had messaged Brandon to tell him that we would be having dinner there. Brandon was kind enough to wait for me until library was about to close, never even saying a word to rush me. As we arrived at Pete's, we saw such a beautiful sunset.

The setting sun setting the La Sals afire.

We enjoyed a delicious feast with Pete and Freebird and ate to our fill. Though having no money, I still haven't experienced any hunger.

That night we returned to WT Camp, hiking by the light of the full moon.

The next morning I attempted some Cullen-esque shots with light flares, based on a breathtaking video he filmed of the canyon. Daniel and I watched it during the radio show the other night.

As Daniel played guitar that morning, birds flitted about and watched him. This hummingbird perched right behind Daniel.

Daniel being himself, authentically expressing himself just as the birds do.

The rest of the day I stayed behind at the camp, taking a break from Internet and the camera. I began reading a book from the moneyless tribe's library, Peace Pilgrim. Then I met Harold, who visited and chatted for awhile. After that, I enjoyed a nap.

When I woke up, Daniel had returned with a surplus of food. After eating some BBQ ribs and popcorn chicken, I tried out the rocket stove to make some tea, using native grasses, snake grass, and globe mallow. Brandon returned to the camp, and we shared some tea while watching children, a female wood duck, and four deer all frolic in the stream, only about 20 feet away from us.

After drinking several cups, I hiked up to the top of a hill to watch the sunset sans camera. The hills were bathed in golden light, with the full moon rising in the east. To the west the sky was filled with beautiful, swirling clouds. Swallows dove and swooped all around me, catching their evening meal. The four deer emerged from the creek and began walking toward the sunset. I gasped. How could this get more beautiful? Just then, one of the deer turned to look at me. We maintained eye contact. Next two others turned to stare. Then to my surprise, they started to walk toward me! Though they came 200 feet away from me, it felt like we were much closer. Though it seemed that they wanted to walk closer, they were startled by a noise and decided to leave. One turned and trotted happily away, and the others joined. I watched them slowly make their way around the hill, as the clouds turned pink and morphed into the shape of a swimmer. Other clouds splashed around the sky like salmon and left trails behind them. Swallows still abounded, and bats joined them in the sky. As I was about to leave,
the elusive great blue heron made a grand entrance.

Back at my tent, I played the singing bowl. Eventually we were cooking soup on the rocket stove. After soup and salad, we played hauntingly beautiful music together into the night and burned desert sage beneath the stars. The Native American flute and singing bowl mingled to create a chilling third tone that blended with all of the night sounds.

This morning, Freebird visited us on his way into town. We ate breakfast, drank tea, and splashed around in the creek. Then he and I walked into town, stopping at Dory's place first.

Dory's Saint Bernard, Bear.
Freebird introduced me to Dory, a sweet woman who's lived in Moab for many years. Her current companions are a talkative parrot named Ziggy and a 177-pound Saint Bernard named Bear. Bear eats 3 meals a day, and his food costs her $300 a week!


As we played with Bear, a very jealous squawking came from inside. We went in to meet Ziggy. He is a 30-year-old parrot (He may live up to 100 years!) who can meow like a cat and say other phrases like "I love you," "Pretty bird," "Hi," "Bye," and so much more. Whenever we turned away, he would squawk loudly, craving more attention and love. 

 Dory has stuffed animals all over her house and interesting stories to tell about them, such as the bear that died by accidentally hanging itself. She also has a beaver, a deer head and butt, her husband's frog, a hawk, a wood duck, and many other animals. This piranha was a pet that she would feed ground beef to. One morning its body was floating on the surface of the tank, so her husband had it stuffed!

Kissing a frog in Rotary Park.

Students attempting to walk a slack line in the park.

This guy had great balance.
Some onlookers and a very impressive crown.
After going to the park, we stopped at Wabi Sabi, a nonprofit thrift store in Moab. Freebird insisted on buying me something, and so he gave me two lovely shirts. Pete showed up there with food while out on his daily food pick-up routine, and he stopped for awhile to eat turkey with us outside of Wabi Sabi's front door.

Then we made it to the library, and here I am, writing this blog post. For once, I am completely up-to-date on this blog! That probably won't last for long though. 

Next stop:  the canyon!


  1. What a great chronicle of your experiences. Thanks for doing this!

  2. It sounds like you're having some great experiences. And the pictures are amazing!


  3. Fazal!! I'm so happy to hear from you! I hope everything is going well with you!