Monday, May 12, 2014

Commencement Speech by Daniel Suelo, May 9, 2014

"You have to be kidding. You ran a feature article on a bum from Moab. Great, he has a CU degree. This is the type of graduate that should be shameful [sic]. Let's feature productive people, with good jobs, goals, ambition. A bum with a CU degree--awful." --Paul Stanton (Econ '84) [The only letter to the editor in response to the feature article, 'Moneyless in Moab' in the CU alumni magazine, 'Coloradan', Spring 2014]

Daniel began the commencement speech for Colorado University Boulder's Humanities department with a reading of this quote. He was invited by the department chair, Paul (see last post), to talk for the graduating class. Daniel spoke of why he chose to burn his CU degree and live moneyless, but told the graduates that money is not evil. It only becomes so when you make it your ultimate goal, constantly living in the future and not the present, compromising your authentic self. He emphasizes that whatever you do, just be yourself and follow your heart. Many graduates, parents, and grandparents were very receptive to his message.

Our friend Tim Frederick posted an iPhone video of the speech, and then Cullen updated it with improved sound quality. Click here.

Just before the speech, as we arrive on campus.
Ken and Cullen worked together to film Daniel's talk.

Daniel with his friend, old classmate, and CU grad, Tim.
Paul introduces Daniel Suelo.

Daniel received many compliments and words of gratitude following the ceremony.


Tim, Paul, Daniel, and Cullen. 
Congratulations, CU grads, and graduates everywhere!

And thank you Daniel, for exemplifying such loving qualities and making this world a better place with your presence. We all are truly blessed that you are here as yourself, reminding us all to be our authentic selves in whatever it is that we do.


  1. Thanks mucho for posting this, Steph. What an honor.
    The video of the commencement speech with better sound quality just appeared:

  2. Thanks Daniel! I have changed the link to go to this video now :)