Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Road Trip to Truckee, CA

On July 7, Stev, a man we met at the Rainbow Gathering, drove Freebird and me to Truckee, CA to begin hiking part of the Pacific Crest Trail. During those 12 hours, we saw many beautiful sights and shared in conversation while I took a few naps and anticipated the trail.

Salt flats in northern Utah, near the Great Salt Lake.

Taken at a rest area in Utah.

 It's hot out there! Mirages everywhere! Even the mountains looked like islands.

West Wendover, Nevada. Crossing over into a new state, greeted by the town's casinos.

A lovely pull-over for a bathroom break, with a nice view!

A couple of dust devils.

Passing through Reno, Nevada.

Crossing into CA, almost there!

We made it to Truckee! Stev dropped us off at the grocery store, and went back to Reno to pick up a friend from the airport. After supplying our food for the trail, a hitch took us to a local hotel to stay the night. We swam in the hot tub and pool, did some laundry, ate a delicious breakfast, and then hit the trail in the morning. More updates to come, next time I find Internet!


  1. I love the desert and dessert. Now I sound like Scoot! Hahaha!
    Beautiful views. Love the cloud formations.
    I look forward to hearing and seeing more.
    Take care! Hugs!

  2. If you're heading north, look for Slow Mo', an older trekker.