Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Final Days in Moab

Here are a few pictures from our last few days in Moab, before heading to the Rainbow Gathering...

 These guys were sitting outside the library one day. As I was working on my blog,
Freebird took the camera and captured a few shots of this amazing duo.

 Virga after we finished all of our final errands in town, on our way to watch a free movie about a girl from Holland named Laura Dekker. She sailed solo around the world at age 14, the youngest girl to set this record.

Outside Star Hall with Freebird, Jake, and Daniel. We parted with Jake and Daniel temporarily after this. They stayed in town that night, while we went back to the canyon. Then they hitched out in the morning, heading for the Rainbow Gathering. Freebird and I would leave a few days later.

Saying "see you later" to the canyon and one of our friends. After a few days of relaxing and a day of meeting and showing around Sandrine and Karine (two French twins who offered us a ride to the Gathering), we packed up our things and headed into town for a final potluck.

On the hike out, we ran into Pete and Josie. It was 103 degrees that day, so he is carrying Josie so that her paws don't burn on the hot sand. Thankfully he gave us a ride to his house, sparing us making a long hike in the heat.

Then, it was on to the potluck...

John and LuAnn.
Pete, Sandrine, Karine, Freebird, and Dan. 
Sandrine and Karine were to drive us to northern Utah the following morning. Pete offered Freebird and me a place to stay the night. We then went for a bike ride down to the Colorado River and to the marsh that LuAnn had introduced me to, so that we could watch the sunset. It's been over 10 years since I've ridden a bike, but I got used to it after awhile!

We ran into our dear friend, Alf!

Some impressive figures on Daniel's bike!

A shot Alf snapped of us at the marsh, before the mosquitoes chased us away from him!

After a very warm bike ride and a cold shower, I slept well at Pete's. The following morning, Sandrine and Karine picked us up, and we began our journey to Heber, Utah to the Rainbow Gathering!

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