Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Springs of Life and Love

Chelsea, a friend and roommate of Pete's, kindly offered to take the group up to the La Sals yesterday. Early in the morning, Freebird and I left the canyon to go to Pete's house. Brandon had stayed the night there, so that he could head out to Seattle in the morning to spend some time with family and friends. We had hoped to run into him one more time, but we showed up an hour after he left. We probably won't see Brandon again until he joins up with us at the Rainbow Gathering in about another month. We all miss him so much!

Just before Freebird and I were out of the canyon, we came across this 
hummingbird in her nest, directly above a pool of water. She just sat still, 
perhaps hoping we didn't see her.

Then, on the edge of town, we encountered some deer.

Mill Creek and Rotary Park.

Josie on the couch at Pete's.
We waited for Govinda and Daniel to show up, and then we took off. Govinda rode with us for a short while.

Well the secret's out. Daniel actually loves money.

As we followed the road up into the mountains, the desert suddenly was replaced with aspens and conifers. The temperature dropped significantly.

Now in higher altitudes, we uncovered a second spring. Aspens were just beginning to leaf out, and snow was still on the ground.

We found a crisp, clear mountain stream and began to hike along it.
We made a new friend along its banks.

Someone's campsite.

Snowball fight!

We came across the perfect spot to view the mountains, complete with a huge, grassy area for naps, a refreshing spring, and a rejuvenating snow-melt pool in which to swim.

Daniel drinking from the spring.

Daniel and Chelsea look at the map, trying to determine which mountains we're looking at. 
They figured out the names for two of them, Talking Mountain and Mount Laurel.

Feasting on apricots, mulberries, carrots, walnuts, candied mango slices, and sourdough bread with vegannaise.

After eating, I climbed up the hill to explore...

After coming back to the group, I napped for awhile in the warm grass. Then we all took turns going down to swim in the frigid, snow-fed stream.

A butterfly suns itself on a rock near the pool.

After hours of relaxing in the grass, we returned to the van so that Cara could be fed.

We sat in the parking lot, eating wild spinach and hard-boiled eggs (which mixed with apricots, is quite a combination for the digestive system) before driving back to Moab.

Freebird and Daniel, gassing up the back of the van and laughing themselves to tears.

Descending back down the hills. Chelsea offered to drive a different 
route back to Moab so that we could see Castleton.

An overlook of Castleton.

Amidst the seemingly infinite bunnies darting across the road, we spotted this grouse.

A volcanic peak.

Passing Castleton.

Colorado River.

As we drove along the river, Freebird entertained us with stories of his expeditions there in the Explorer 300.

Cara waits on us as we stop to fill up our water bottles at Matrimony Spring, on the edge of Moab.

Upon returning to Pete's house, we found Govinda there. He had thoughtfully gotten two boxes of food, a box of a dozen donuts, and a bunch of fruit from the dumpster for us. We feasted that night on chicken, breakfast burritos, and egg rolls... and we still had plenty of left-over food. Chelsea hospitably offered for us to spend the night. Freebird and I accepted. Govinda and Daniel went back to the camp near the edge of town.

I slept soundly on the couch, woke up to an abundant breakfast, and was given loose-leaf jasmine tea. We also got to meet Chelsea's lovable friend, Riley, who has a smile that's just infectious. As she told us how her car was broken into that morning, all she could do was laugh. What an inspiration!

Soon Freebird and I left for the library, snacking on mulberries along the way. And now I sit here, writing this entry. Soon we will head out for more adventures. Life is wonderful, beyond words.


  1. Sounds like an AHMAZING JOURNEY <3

  2. You really have a great eye. This has me looking forward to our road trip east.
    It's great that Daniel has a good community, built over the years, and public lands available there.

  3. Breathtaking pictures. I love Vermont and it is beautiful, but I adore the West, especially the red rock formations. Thanks for sharing! Safe travels.