Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A Celebration of Life and Brandon's Heart of Gold

On Sunday evening, we were to have our weekly Potlatch Potluck at Rotary Park. But this day was a little different. We would be celebrating Brandon's 21st birthday. Freebird and I left ahead of the group because he wanted to buy a birthday cake and mint chocolate chip ice cream, Brandon's favorite. As we left the canyon, the first place we stopped was at the mulberry trees, to pick some berries to put on the cake.

Before going to the store, Freebird had a strong feeling that we should go see LuAnn. This would be my first time meeting her. I heard so much about her heart of gold and was looking forward to visiting with her.

Walking up to LuAnn's apartment complex.

LuAnn had not been feeling well, and it was wonderful to see her light up in our presence. 
The power of the love of God! She really needed us that day. I'm so glad that Freebird
followed his intuition. LuAnn is truly a delight to be around.

Sitting outside of Wabi Sabi, waiting on Freebird to shave. I checked the dumpster out back and found a present for Brandon, something he'll cherish forever! ;)

We then headed to City Market. On the way, we picked cherries for the cake, and 
gorged on tons of mulberries from the bushes we passed. We found the perfect cake,
 decorated it, and then went to the potluck.

Left to right: Govinda, Dan, Brandon, Freebird, Daniel, and me.

Hmm the computer won't let me rotate this. Oh well. Brandon's birthday card that Daniel found.

Daniel played "Happy Birthday" and then "Heart of Gold" for Brandon.

This was such a loving, precious birthday party. I'm so grateful to be a part of this family.

I decided that I wanted to sleep at the canyon tonight, so I didn't stay out late for Daniel's radio show. Freebird and I hiked back together during sunset and nightfall.

Of course we stopped to pick more mulberries!

 Some kids we met near the canyon, who had just gone swimming. It's so refreshing to see kids permitted to be unaccompanied by adults these days. In my generation, not many kids I knew had this opportunity, but I'm so blessed that I did.

I stopped to get a picture of a fragrant verbena. As I snapped the picture, this hummingbird moth graced us with its presence! The walk through the canyon at night is so magical, with the scent of verbenas permeating the air.

A pool at the top of the waterfall. We stopped here to go swimming.

During the walk I lost my flashlight. Freebird let me use his head lamp, and I also borrowed some candles from the Guest Cave to put in Raven's Roost. A very peaceful way to end such a beautiful day.

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