Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sketchbook Art

Since I've gotten several requests from people to see the things I've been sketching as I travel (especially from my Dad, another artist who has offered me invaluable input and advice over the years), I'm deciding to post a few of my favorites. These are all from before hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, when I was living with the moneyless tribe in Utah and Colorado.

My first morning in Moab, at a camp near town known as "White Trash Camp." 5/5/2014.
Another piece drawn at the same camp. 5/13/2014.

Drawn in Fruita, CO during a stay with Daniel's family. Inspired by all the times Daniel has serenaded us with his guitar, as well as by being a constant inspiration of authenticity. 5/20-21/2014.

A quote I wrote on the back of this drawing:

"Be a sweet melody in the great orchestration, instead of a discordant note.
The medicine this sick world needs is love.
Hatred must be replaced by love,
and fear by faith that love will prevail."
--Peace Pilgrim
Fruita, CO. 5/21-22/2014.

The quote that accompanies this one:

"Soul bird rise, lift your eyes, spread your wings, prepare to fly.
This is the moment of your life.
Go ahead and fly."
Fruita, CO. 5/23-24/2014.
Drawn in Moab in all 3 caves in which our community lived. 5/28-30/2014.
Guest Cave. 6/2/2014.
Drawn at Raven's Roost mainly. Finished at KZMU while awaiting Daniel's radio show. 6/5-7/2014.

This is a piece I did just before leaving for the Rainbow Gathering. I had a note that I would leave in my cave to let the others know I went to town, and one day I decided to decorate it a bit. Here's the result! 6/27/2014. Drawn under a mulberry tree in the canyon while reading the Dhammapada, then finished in the Guest Cave due to rainfall.

Raven's Roost. Inspired by a pendant that Freebird found in the sand, which became a part of my necklace. 6/15-18/2014.

Drawn 7/8/2014 in my tent at the Rainbow Gathering outside Heber City, Utah.
Last time I was in Fruita, Daniel's father admired my drawings and told me that the only thing he could draw is flies. I told him I would literally draw some flies for him then! It took awhile for me to finally sit down and draw it, and the page smudged a bit, but here it is!

As the posts continue from the Pacific Crest Trail and onward, I'm now going to accompany them with drawings from those times. But until then, you can at least see these pieces! Enjoy! :)


  1. Love the drawings Raven. You are really good. Hope you have tons more by the time you get back here.

  2. Nice compositions... dramatic shape and color. Ask for professional artist critique groups at local art centers or galleries. That will get you connected. Then seek out artists as mentors or teachers whose work you like (not just anyone) or has a style or technique in the direction or goal you're heading.


  3. Greetings Raven! I discovered your blog last night and so enjoyed reading a couple of posts that I went back and started from the beginning and read all the way through. I am inspired by what you and your friends are doing and also by your enchanting photos of this beautiful area of Earth. Your art work is also gorgeous; my favorite here is that vibrant soul bird!

    Many happy trails to you and your tribe from another kindred spirit in Indiana ( Indianapolis area)